100th Post! and a New Feature!

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100th post collage

Today What to do with Lemons celebrates our 100th post! We have made so many things! I can hardly believe it!

A little over a year ago, Katie and I made the decision to start this blog. We put our heads together across the many miles that separate us, did a little soul searching and a lot of research, and in September 2014, What to do with Lemons was born! We had no idea what we were doing… Honestly, we still don’t, but we have learned so much over the past year!

craft collage

Needless to say we love making stuff. And we will keep on making stuff and posting it here. I hope we’ve reached at least a few fellow crafters or bakers or makers out there, and I hope we find a few more in the next 100! Let’s be friends!

craft and baking blog

Today we are sending out love to all our friends and family who have supported us this past year by sharing our posts and tasting our recipes.

And on that note – we are also introducing a NEW PAGE┬áto our site! We’re calling it “Spread the Love” and you’ll find it under the Features tab. If you enjoy reading our blog, visit this page to find links to some other amazing little blogs that WE find inspiring! Spread some love around the internet, then go MAKE something!

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