The Website:

We were college roommates, and very quickly discovered that we shared a mutual love for all things homemade. Throughout the next four years, we spent much of our free time figuring out new ways to remake or modify our favorite products, or completely invent something to serve in their place. We had the best time getting creative together and making awesome things.

Then the inevitable happened – we graduated.  We got jobs in different states, and we couldn’t spend our days working on new projects together.

What to do with Lemons is our space to collaborate, create, and share our projects with each other, and with you. We’re so glad you’re here!

The Founders:


Katie works in banking in NYC, and creates most of the recipes for WTDWL.  She loves puzzles, pillows, and all things holiday related.

Hayley works in sales in Massachusetts, and is a crafting guru.  She loves nature, coffee, and her cat, Lu.

See what else Katie & Hayley are up to @katietrojanowski and @hayleynordstrom.

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