Blood Bar: 3 Halloween Cocktails

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Frankenmelon Cocktail

1) The Frankenmelon:

This creepy concoction is a mash-up of flavors made with 1.5 oz of vodka, 1 oz of melon liquor, and topped off with 3 oz of ginger ale. Shake vodka and melon liquor over ice and strain into a chilled glass. Top with cold ginger ale and add creepy garnishes like a spider ice cube or a gummy worm.

To make the blood dripping rim, mix equal parts corn syrup and strawberry syrup in a small sauce pan. Boil on medium high for about 2 minutes. Allow this mixture to cool fully (it will thicken as it cools). Paint onto the inside rim of your glass using a spoon or small paint brush.

Blood Sample Vodka Shots

2) Blood Sample Shooters:

Spook your guests with these layered vodka shots that are made to look like separated blood samples. The “red blood cells” are made from raspberry puree and the “serum” from vodka mixed with a splash of orange juice.

To make, cook down some frozen raspberries along with a few spoonfuls of sugar over medium heat, just until the sugar dissolves. Blend to make a puree, then strain out seeds using a mesh strainer. Pour an inch or so of raspberry puree into the bottom of each test-tube shooter glass. Mix 1.5 oz of vodka with a small splash of orange juice, and slowly pour down the side of the tube to layer.

Halloween Shots
Serve these chilled. The raspberry puree acts as a kind of “chaser” for the vodka shot!

Blood Drop Gin & Tonic

3) Blood Drop

This one is an eerie looking twist on a classic gin and tonic. Prepare the blood-dripping rim the same way as described above, then pour 1 oz of grenadine into the bottom of the glass. Slowly pour 1.5 oz of your favorite gin (or vodka if you prefer) down the side of the glass to float on top of the denser layer of grenadine. Gently top off with Tonic water so as not to stir up the “blood drop” at the bottom.

The most fun part about this one is that tonic water will glow under a blacklight, making this classic combination perfect for a Halloween party! Cheers!

Blood Drop Glowing Cocktail

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