Bow Ties for Kitties

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Sometimes, for that special occasion, a bow tie is just the thing… I’m talking about for your cat, of course! Today’s tutorial is for all you crazy cat ladies out there (I count myself among you). My kitty, Lu, is one classy gent, and now with his new collection of bow ties, he can always look the part! So if you too have a special kitty in your life, who maybe needs some more adorable accessories, how about a bow tie!?

Kitty_bowtie_suppliesYou will need:
– scrap fabric
– self-adhering velcro dots
– needle and thread
– pins
– rotary cutter or scissors
– ruler
– a sewing machine*
– iron

*I made this project using a sewing machine, but if you don’t have one, you could easy adapt this tutorial for hand sewing.

Step 1. Cut out three rectangles of your fabric: one 7″x7″ square, one 2″x4″ rectangle, and one 1.5″x10″ strip. Please note that this last measurement is based on the size of your cat (10″ fits my cat, but may not fit yours). I would suggest using an existing collar, or a piece of string to estimate.

Step 2. Fold your square piece so that two ends meet in the middle, then again in the same fashion. Pin in place.

Step 3. Fold this piece in half, so that the two raw ends meet, with the pinned side facing outward. Then sew across the raw edges.

Step 4. Carefully turn this loop right-side-out, and pinch the middle together. This will be the “bow” part of your bow tie.

Step 5: Fold the 2″x4″ rectangle in half, lengthwise, with the right sides together. Pin and sew along the raw edge, creating a tube.

Step 6: Carefully turn this tube right-side-out. I find that the best tool to use for this is a regular pencil with an eraser. The eraser end does a good job of gripping the fabric so that you can more easily push it through.

Step 7: Press this piece flat with an iron, and wrap it around your bow piece with the wrong side facing out. Pin, sew across, and trim off the extra fabric.

Step 8: Turn the small loop that you just made right-side-out and slip onto the center of your bow piece to hold the shape.

If you like, you can stop here and simply slide this cute little bow onto your kitty’s collar! To make and attach a matching collar band, read on…

Step 9: Using your long strip of fabric, fold lengthwise with right sides facing in, sew, and turn right-side-out in the same way that you did with your last piece. Turn the raw ends of the tube in on themselves about a quarter inch, and press flat. Then, sew a few stitches across each end to close.

Step 10: Slip the collar piece through the back of the bow piece, position the bow in the center, and secure all three layers together with a couple of hand stitches, using a needle and thread. Finally, stick two opposing velcro dots onto the ends of the collar. You can put extra dots if you would like this accessory to be a bit adjustable.

Check out Lu modeling his flashy new bow tie in Blue! Doesn’t he look dapper!? =^..^=

Dapper_Kitty*A side note on pet safety – I chose to use velcro with this project as it pulls apart easily. This is important for your kitty’s safety, so that if his or her new fashion statement gets caught on something, it will easily detach so as not to cause any risk of choking or injury! Choosing a “safety collar” for all of your pets is very important! Meow!

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