DIY Wool Felt Laptop Sleeve

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DIY Wool Felt Laptop Sleeve 3

I recently got a new Macbook (yay!) and realized that I needed a case for it ASAP. When you have a shiny new device, its only natural to want to avoid bumps and scratches for as long as possible! I loved the look of some wool laptop sleeves that I saw online, but being the thrifty crafter that I am, decided I could totally make one myself for much cheaper. (Are you sensing a trend with me yet?)

DIY wool felt laptop sleeve supplies

You won’t need a lot of supplies to make one of these, just a half a yard of nice wool felt in your color of choice, a fun colored thread (since your stitches will be visible) about 2 feet of nylon webbing, and a couple pieces of velcro or snaps if you prefer. You will also need a sewing machine and the accompanying tools, a ruler, and some glue.

Felt Laptop Sleeve 2

Step 1) Place your laptop down on the felt and fold the fabric over it so that one edge comes just to the end of your computer. You will want to have a good amount of excess fabric at the top, this will be the fold-over flap.
Step 2) Cut the excess felt to be twice the length you would like your flap to be, and then fold it down so that the edge meets the top of your laptop, creating a double-thick layer for the flap.
Step 3) This is where I chose to dock the corners of the flap. If you like that look, then measure one inch from the corner on each edge, and make a dot with a marker. Then, using a ruler, mark a line connecting these two dots, and cut along the line. You will be cutting a small triangle from both corners of the flap, through both folds of fabric.
Step 4) Stitch around three sides of the flap (picture 1 above).
Step 5) Measure and cut two 10 inch pieces of webbing, and melt the ends slightly with a lighter to avoid fraying.
Step 6) Pin them to the back of your case so that they overhang the edge of the flap by two to three inches, then stitch in place (picture 2 above).

Felt Laptop Sleeve 3

Step 7) Measure and cut a second piece of felt slightly smaller than the top of your laptop, and lay it on top. This will be the front pocket.
Step 8) Fold the flap down to see where the ends of the webbing meets the front pocket, and pin two pieces of velcro there. Lift off the pocket piece and sew these in place.
Step 9) Lay the pocket piece back down onto the front of the case, pin down, and then sew around three edges (picture 3 above).
Step 10) Place your laptop into the main fold, and pin snugly on both sides. Stitch both sides closed, then trim off the excess.
Step 11) Attach the opposite velcro pieces to the ones you already stitched down, and put some glue on the back of each (picture 4 above).
Step 12) Fold down the flap and press the end of each webbing strap onto the glue. This will assure that your velcro is perfectly placed. After pressing down firmly, gently peel the velcro apart and place some clothespins or bulldog clips to hold the velcro tightly to the webbing until the glue dries (give it a couple hours to be on the safe side).
Note: you can just as easily stitch these pieces on rather than gluing them, I just preferred not to have visible stitches for this part!

DIY felt laptop sleeve 8
Once the glue is dry, you’re ready to go! Go hit up your local Starbucks and bask in the glory of how cool and original your new gear is. I’m feeling more productive already…

DIY wool felt laptop sleeve 2

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