DIY Critter Coffee Cozies

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Owl coffee cozy

Today’s crafty project is for the coffee lovers… and the earth lovers too! These adorable reusable sleeves will help you keep some paper out of the landfill. They are easy to whip up, cheap to make, completely customizable and ridiculously cute. What’s not to love?!

DIY Critter Coffee Cup Cozies
I made an owl, a penguin, and a fox! I think they make pretty awesome morning coffee buddies.
DIY coffee cozy supplies

You will need:

– craft felt in a few different colors (depending on your choice of critter)
– embroidery floss and needle
– all purpose white glue
– a paper cup sleeve

How to make a felt coffee sleeve
Make one straight cut through the paper cup sleeve, and lay flat against a piece of felt. Using a piece of chalk (I used a black marker here so you guys could see it well in the picture!) trace the sleeve. Add about a half inch onto each end and whatever extra area you need for your animal shape. Cut out some felt features to make up your critter’s face and lay them out on top. It’s a good idea to sketch it out on paper first, then cut your shapes.

hand stitching felt

Using a needle and embroidery thread, attach the larger pieces with some decorative stitches. The smaller pieces can be added on with a dab of all purpose white glue. I like to keep the design bold and simple.

Add decorative stitching

Once your little creature is all stitched up, fold the whole piece in half so that the two ends line up. Stitch the ends together, then trim off any excess. You might want to wrap the sleeve around a paper cup before stitching to ensure a snug fit.

penguin coffee cup cozy

Throw one of these guys in your purse or car, and the next time you stop for your usual coffee shop order, you can skip the wasteful paper sleeve.

Know someone who deserves a special thank-you or just a pick-me-up? Wrap one of these up with a Starbucks gift card, and you have a sweet and thoughtful gift!

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