DIY Pom Pom Trim Bracelet

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DIY pompom trim bracelet

Today’s DIY was inspired by a bracelet I saw at Anthropologie a while ago, made of rope and brightly colored trim. I loved it, but when I saw it I immediately thought: “I could make that!” I remembered it the next time I was at my local fabric store and picked out a few supplies. It’s a bit like the cooler older sister of those embroidery thread friendship bracelets we all used to make as kids, but this one is much quicker to whip up, which is great because, like most of us, I have a lot less free time than I did back then *sigh*.

string and rope bracelet

You can find the supplies you’ll need at most craft or fabric stores, and there are TONS of different options for color and texture. I started with some white cotton rope cord, some pom pom trim, and a few different colors of embroidery thread to play around with. You will also need a couple jump rings and a lobster clasp.

The tools you will want to have on hand are: a pair of scissors, some small needle nose pliers, a bit of clear nail polish, and some scotch tape.

pompom trim bracelet tutorial

1) Cut the rope cord to the right length to fit around your wrist, plus 2 inches, then cut a piece of trim a bit shorter than that.
2) Wrap the ends of your cord with a bit of scotch tape to keep them from unravelling while you work!
3) Tie the end of your embroidery thread onto the cord, about an inch away from one end, then start wrapping snuggly around. Try to keep it in neat, slightly overlapping layers.
4) Once you have about an inch of cord wrapped, lay one end of your trim against the cord and begin to wrap the embroidery thread around both layers, binding them together. I wrapped two times around between each “pom”, but you can do this however you think looks best.
5) Keep going until you reach the end of the pom pom trim, then begin wrapping just the cord as before. Wrap for one more inch and tie off.

Attatching clasp

6) Put a small dab of clear nail polish onto where you’ve tied the knots to keep them secure.
7) To create the clasp closure, open up one of the jump rings and hook it through a few layers of the embroidery thread, then pinch it closed again.
8) Do the same on the opposite end, but this time add on the lobster clasp before closing.
9) Cut the scotch tape off of the ends, trim off any excess, and fluff out the rope cord! I like that it ends up looking like little tassels.

rope trim bracelet
I think this funky pom bracelet will make a great addition to my “arm party” stack. Cheers to DIYing instead of buying!

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