Easy Felt Halloween Coasters

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Halloween Themed Felt Coasters

In preparation for the Halloween mixology experiments Hayley and I will be preparing for our parties, I thought I’d come up with another way to make each beverage look more festive – Halloween coasters!  These coasters are super easy, and really fun to make.  They take almost no time to pull together, and can be altered for any party theme.  Plus, they are fairly inexpensive, so if they get put to really good use, you can toss them afterwards and not feel guilty!

Easy Halloween Felt Coasters

You’ll need:

-3D Fabric Paint, any colors you’d like

-sheets of stiff felt – you can get six coasters per standard 9″x12″ sheet

-A sharp utility knife, and a surface to cut on

First, cut your felt into 6 even rectangles – for a standard size, each coaster will be 4″x4.5″.  Next, you get to be creative!  I chose spiderwebs for my theme, and made two different patterns.  To make an easy spider web, start by painting an “X” on your felt.  Then, paint a “+” so that the lines all go through one center point – we will call all of these lines, the “base lines.”  Starting close to the center point, start to connect your base lines with the curved parts of the web, and spiral around the web until you’ve run out of room on the felt.  Let the paint dry.

Spider Web Felt Coaster


DIY Felt Coasters

To make the solo-web coasters more dramatic, I used my utility knife and cut along the curved lines to remove any excess felt.  I will definitely be making these coasters for another holiday – they’re a great last detail to pull the theme together!

Halloween felt Coasters

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