Easy Restaurant Style Greek Salad

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greek salad with vinegar dill pickles

There is a greek place on the corner of my apartment block that I just LOVE.  Their salads are fresh and amazing, but expensive, and something I treat myself to once in a while.  The problem is, I could eat this salad every day, and I have…and though my taste buds were totally satisfied, my wallet was NOT.  So, I set out to mimic their simple salad, but I just couldn’t get it right.  I made tzatziki, marinated chicken, mixed up a vinaigrette, and even tried different types of oregano. After some (many) more orders of take out, I finally figured out an easy solution to make a salad taste like the pros – quick, dill “pickles!” Ok, so they aren’t really pickles, but they are soaked in just the right amount of “brine” so that they pick up that vinegar bite, but keep their crunch.  You have to try this one…you really can’t go wrong!

greek salad with dried dill cucumbers


– romaine lettuce – as much as you need for a large salad

-1 large cucumber

– grape tomatoes

– red onion

– red wine vinegar

– quinoa, any style

– vegetable broth

– 1-2T dried dill, or about a handfull of fresh dill

– dried oregano

– fresh cracked pepper

– feta cheese, crumbled

– cooked chicken (optional)


Cut up your cucumbers into bite sized chunks, and place them in a container with a tight sealing lid.  Dice about a quarter of a red onion, and add to the cucumbers.  Crush the dried dill in your hand, and sprinkle over the cucumbers.  I bought a bunch of dill the first time I made these cucs, and thanks to Hayley’s post, I dried it out before it went bad!   Next, pour in about a third a cup of vinegar, close the container, and shake.  Set the container in the refridgerator to chill – this can be done days in advance.  Chop all of your vegetables as you’d like to present them in your salad, and prepare your quinoa according to the package.  I used red quinoa for color, and cooked it in vegetable broth for added flavor.  When your ready to serve, add all your ingredients together, and add feta and chicken, “if desired.”  I like to finish the dish off with some crushed oregano and black pepper.  The dilly-cucumbers are so, so good.  And so easy! The vinegar and dill acts like a dressing that brings all of your ingredients together – I can’t imagine how this could get any more simple.  You don’t even really have to cook anything for this recipe, and it will still be a hit. I make this for a week’s worth of lunch once a month, and I never get sick of it.  Is it lunchtime yet??

greek salad feta dill quick pickles


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