Recycled Flannel Infinity Scarf

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Last Fall shopping season I wanted a plaid flannel infinity scarf. I looked everywhere, but never was able to find one. The time of year for new sweaters and pumpkin lattes is quickly approaching, and I still want that scarf! But this time, I decided to make it myself and do a little earth-friendly recycling to boot!

recycled_flannel_infinity_scarf_1I picked up this XL mens flannel shirt at my local thrift shop for $5. It was thick, well worn, and just the colors I wanted, so I brought it home and gave it a wash. Then I went about taking it apart.

First, using a seam ripper, I removed the front pockets. I wanted to preserve the large area of usable fabric underneath the pockets, so I tore out these seams carefully.

Next I removed the sleeves and cut them open along the seams. This gave me two more large pieces of flannel to work with for my scarf. I also cut off the cuffs and collar, and opened the shoulder seams so that I had the largest, flattest panels possible. In order to figure out about how much fabric I would need, and what I wanted the length and width of my finished scarf to be, I used one of my other favorite scarves as a reference.

Next, I laid out my largest usable pieces and cut them into rectangles of the width I wanted. I ended up with three pieces: one long strip from the body of the shirt and one from each sleeve. (Luckily, Lu was available to offer his assistance with this step…)

flannel_infinity_scarf_hemI sewed each of these three pieces together at the ends, creating one long rectangle of flannel. Then I added a thin, single fold hem down each side. (If you cringe at the thought of exposed raw edges, you can simply make this a double fold hem, but it saved me some time and I didn’t mind the look).¬†Finally, I sewed the two short ends together to make the infinity loop.

The finished scarf is soft and warm and long enough to loop around my neck twice. It’s not officially Fall yet, but the cool weather sneaks up fast here in Massachusetts. Autumn layers are my favorite seasonal style and this thrifted DIY piece will make a great addition to my cold weather wardrobe!

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