Summer Fruit-nola Parfait

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Yogurt is NOT boring.    But eating it on its own or with the same-old granola can be, and though delicious, grabbing an off the shelf flavored yogurt isn’t always the best option.  Making your own yogurt topping with mixed fruit and crunchy add-ins lets you control the flavor combination and ingredients, and turns up the volume on this otherwise plain snack.  I like to think of it as a hydrated granola, with the emphasis on the fruit instead of the oats and nuts.



  • fresh, seasonal fruit (strawberries, black cherries, raspberries, pomegranate seads)
  • the juice from half of a lemon
  • crunchy add-ons (dried coconut, dark chocolate coated cacao nibs)
  • yogurt of choice (I used non-fat, plain greek)



Wash and roughly chop your fruit, add lemon juice, toss in pomegranate seeds, and mix.  I had a red on my mind, so I chose strawberries, black cherries and raspberries.  You can serve this mixture as a topping for yogurt, pancakes or waffles, or with some cinnamon pita chips as a fruit-salsa.  The mixture will be sweet enough like a granola with a little crunch from the pom seeds, but I like to add in dried coconut and dark chocolate coated cacao nibs for texture and flavor.  The coconut will be fatty and slightly salted, and paired with the bitter nibs and sweet fruit, you’ve really covered all the bases.  You can make the fruit mixture in advance and even assemble a parfait to-go,  but hold off on adding in any other ingredients until right before serving to keep the crunch.  I make a large batch of the fruit-nola and keep it in a bowl in the refrigerator, overnight.  The lemon and fruit juices mix together to make a natural syrup – can you say ice cream topping?  If you are going to chop your fruit in advance, stay away from fruit that might brown like apples or bananas.  Next time, I think I’ll try mangos, blueberries, pineapple, and lime juice, with some roasted and salted pistachios and dried goji berries.

Yogurt is even less boring when its served out of a wine glass, as a Gilmore Girls snack, on a weekday.

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