Upcycled Clementine Crates

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Every time we finish a batch of clementines, I always feel the need to keep the cute little wooden crate that they come in. I am the biggest sucker for cute packaging! But after compiling a few of these after this year’s clementine season, I decided it would be nice to pretty them up a little if I was going to keep them around. Heres what I did to upcyle these cuties into some fresh looking storage boxes:


What you will need:
– empty clementine crate (or 2 or 3 or 5!)
– craft paint
– Mod Podge (I used the hard-coat kind but any type will do)
– some pretty paper
– foam brush
– a craft knife or scissors

I decided to go with a sea foam green paint and floral scrapbooking paper, but you can customize these with any combination you like to match your style or decor.

First remove any excess staples or splinters from your box so that you don’t poke yourself, then get to painting. I painted all the wooden surfaces of the crate except the bottom.


Trace the ends of the crate onto the back of your paper sheets. Cut these 2 pieces out, making sure to keep nice straight lines. Spread a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the end surface and lay your paper on top to adhere. Press flat to remove any bubbles or wrinkles.

Cover the papered AND painted surfaces with a liberal coating of Mod Podge to seal and protect your crate. This layer will dry clear. Once the Mod Podge has hardened, you’re all done! These little cuties (pun intended!) are great for corralling any kinds of odds and endsĀ around your house, or piled up with someone’s favorite goodies, and would also make an adorable gift basket!

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